Platform Details

Easily manage your "Poker Mavens" based system and provide unlimited features to your players

Mavens Playa Platform

With "Mavens Playa" you have your admin panel to manage "users", "payments", "tickets" and many more features and also your customers (players) have more friendly system and enjoy the games. After you purchase "Poker Mavens" software, it is just a server which provides a system to run poker tables but without solution for registration, charging wallet, ticketing and so... "Mavens Playa" is here to provide many features to help you manage everythings you need to have a real poker website.

Demo User

  • Demo Username:demo
  • Demo Password:demo

Admin User

  • Admin Username:admin
  • Admin Password:admin

Our Features


Over 100 payment solutions

If you want to have real money poker website, then payment system is the most important feature you have to provide for players to charge their accounts, we provide over 100 payment solution to fulfill your needs such as "All Cryptocurrencies", "Credit Cards", "Paypal" and many others.



You can have "Mavens Playa" platform in any language you want, all parts of system is translatbly and easy to customize to your needs.


White Label & Turn Key

You can have your copyright to your site and there is no link back to us.


Self Hosted

We provide our source code and you can host it any where you want with our continuesly support.


No Limit Theme Design

You can have it with any look and feels you want, we have professional designers ready to redesign and customize "Mavens Playa" theme.


Unlimited Game Integration

"Mavens Playa" platform can intergrated with all other systems and providers, which contains casino games, sports betting system and others.


Yes still more...

There is some other games in "Mavens Playa" platform, like slot machines and some other casino's games.

Purchase Mavens Playa

You can easily contacting us for more information and consulting on skype, email and contact form.